YMCA Palmer Ericson Chapel Project

Dick Werpy, Summer Staff of 1968
Dear Colleague of 1968,

It has been 45 summers since we were together at camp. It does feel true that time flies by. We are contacting you for several reasons. First, we felt the need after all this time to try and reconnect with all of you that were such a big part of our lives. We hope to build a data base which will allow us to reconnect with each other. This may just be a starting point and we can expand the data base with staffs from other years.

Secondly, we have become aware that the Chapel at Camp is deteriorating rapidly and needs rebuilding. The attached web pages highlight the needs very well and should give you a clear idea of what the project entails. It is our idea that the staff of 1968 undertake the task of raising the dollars to rebuild it. Our estimate for total rebuilding is approximately $60,000. Through our own donations and seeking the donations of others it is our belief that the goal is attainable. 

Camp Ihduhapi was such a great part of our lives. Let’s join together and see if we can make this happen.

Please respond first by making sure that we have your contact information in our data base. We will be sending updated data to each of you as this project progresses on this website.

Secondly, please consider donating to the project through the webpage http://give.ymcatwincities.org/ycampchapel and let us know how you feel about helping us complete this project.

Dick Werpy
Voyageurs & Trips Director, 1968
 H: 303.530.5154
 C: 720.771.6767

Summer Staff of 1968   Each person is identified on the facebook page
We respectfully seek your support of this project.