YMCA Palmer Ericson Chapel Project

The Renovation Renewed the Chapel
The years have a way of catching up with even the most well-built of structures. Mother Nature works to reclaim her own. Palmer’s chapel was in serious need of repair and renovation. 

The wooden benches he lovingly built had deteriorated. The area around the steps had been filled with years of soil driven by runoff. Foundations had shifted, and some of the steps were unstable. The concrete platform was showing its age and needed repair as well.

The chapel was too small for current needs. It was designed to meet camper volume in the 1960’s. Today the chapel needed to have room for 200 people in its beautiful setting. 

In its better years the Chapel was also used for Easter Morning services and numerous weddings. We will again be able to utilize the chapel for those kinds of special events and services.

Importantly, the Chapel area is now accessible to people of all ages and those with disabilities. 

Improvements will prevent further erosion of the hillside, and will make the entire site and structure safer for all who use it in years to come.

Benches and their support had deteriotated
Concrete was crumbling
Erosion control was failing