YMCA Palmer Ericson Chapel Project

It's complete!
This is a  partial list of Donors that have given permission to be identified.

Dr. James Cardle     Summer Staff  1954-1955
Gerry Heldt               Summer Staff  1968
Ralph Jensen Jr.      Summer Staff  1958
Richard Toftness     Summer Staff 1968, 1970
Martin Lundquist      Summer Staff 1987-1989
                                   Board of Management
Kristine Quiring        Staff 1997-1998
                                   Board of Management
Lois Wilcox               Wife of Past Staff Mmbr
                                    and Board Member
Jay Wilcox                 Camper 1956-1959
Kay and Dick Werpy Summer Staff 1966-1968
Richard Peschau       Summer Staff 1968
Mark Hennessey        Past Camp Director
Tom Utsunomiya       Camper
Beth Wodrich             Past Board Member
Al and Jean Sterner   Summer Staff 1968
Peggy Burns              Camp Staff 1974-1977
Todd Jacobson          Camp Staff 1963-1965
Steven Kozicky           Camper 1963
Gregory Rosholt         Summer Staff 1968
Terry Merritt                 Summer Staff 1971
Jack Mertes
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April 24th  2015
May 22nd 2015
May 30th 2015
May 31st 2015
June 5th  2016