YMCA Palmer Ericson Chapel Project

YMCA Palmer Ericson Chapel Project Gallery
Staff 1972, we believe. Clark Baxter, Bruce Benidt, Al Sterner, Greg Rosholt, Terry Merritt, Paul Wodrich, Jerry Neseth, Mary Wodrich and a few of the Wodrich's children are the names we remember easily.
Summer 1965
Seated: ??, J.B. Beattie, Dan Hellie, Pete Rogney, John Aamodt, Rick Bates, Jeff Essen, Tom Utsunomiya, Dyke Shannon?

Second Row: Ralph Faville, Bonnie Johnson, Roger Swenson, Janet Swenson, John Erickson, Corky Johnson, Lyle Johnson, Marion Larson, Grace Alger, Bill Jonak, Ron Speed, Henry Pretty On Top

Third Row: Dick Werpy, Dave Silliman, ??, Bill Ross, ??, ??, Don Hoseth, Chuck Arnold, Jim Skoog , Todd Jacobson, Dick Fish

Fourth Row: Pat Harris John Lobben ,?? ,??, Bob Engset ,?? ,??, Rajasekaran Samuel , Pete Downs ,?? ,??
If you can identify any of the folks we are missing, leave a message on the guest book.